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your customizable dashboard

Customizable Merge Impact Dashboard
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Here’s an overview of what you can expect to find available on your customizable Merge Impact Dashboard

Crop Inventory Summary

Knowing a users’ current inventory in Merge provides the scope of the specific crop a buyer is procuring. Supply chains are all about efficiency, so Merge provides a quick look at acres, fields and bushels, along with origin tracing for geographic specific sourcing. 

  • Inventory Volume
  • Geographic Coverage
  • Yield/acre Procured

Field Report

Includes all fields and farms included in the crop inventory summary.

Different supply chains require different data. Merge provides customized views to make it easy for any metric to be visualized using REAL FIELD DATA to provide insights for anything from agronomy and cover crops to nitrogen used and tillage. 

  • Agronomy connections
  • Product Claims
  • Production Impact Snapshots
Customizable Merge Impact Dashboard field report
Customizable Merge Impact Dashboard farm diversity

Farm Diversity

Includes all fields and farms included in the crop inventory.

Using real data to verify farm systems, Merge provides key indicators of biodiversity with cumulative of farm specific averages and totals respectively. 

  • % Acres of Habitat
  • Conservation Acres
  • Ecosystem Services Density

Practice Impacts

True to our core service, Merge provides users with impact reports for supply. Starting with field-level measurements, products on Merge blockchain are easily traceable back to producers and practices. Users can easily view the carbon footprint or climate positivity of their supply chain or get granular with a look at a single field. 

  • Carbon Impact/Insetting
  • Water Enhancements
  • Avoided Emissions & Other Losses
Customizable Merge Impact Dashboard practice impacts
Customizable Merge Impact Dashboard producer engagement

Producer Engagement

Transparency is our product and it’s no secret humans do the farming and ranching. Producer Engagement functions ensure buyers/brands have open access to producer impact AND a connection to real people creating change on acres. 

  • Producer Discovery
  • Producer Connections
  • Producer Impact Reports

Average Supply Analysis

If it can be measured, it can be reported. Using Merge Impact Nutrient Transparency (MINT) or a custom view of nutrients in supply, Merge can support unique nutrition needs. Ask us how we prove regenerative and organic farming has positive human nutrition outcomes!

  • Correlate Nutrition Data
  • Track Changes To Supply Quality
  • Compare to Other Products 
Customizable Merge Impact Dashboard average supply analysis

Supply and Load Monitoring

Real-time or summary reporting of supply travel. Using GoTrace from Chainparency, supply is easily tracked for chain-of-custody and reporting authenticity in product supply chains to the consumer – a crucial metric in understanding community nutrition needs and overall value chain efficiency.

  • Track Individual Loads
  • Geolocate Supply Provenance
  • Easily Calculate Granular Transparency in Product Supply Chains

Field Measurements

Easily view, sort, and survey all data collected from fields and farms for reporting. Generate prescriptions for corrections, habitat, and conservation strategy for easy download and application.

  • Agronomy Action
  • See real field measurements, not models
  • View granular data
Customizable Merge Impact Dashboard field measurements
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