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Provide a visionary and comprehensive platform to create transparency in agricultural supply chains, empowering brands to validate their sustainability efforts and enabling farmers to measure and monetize their regenerative practices, fostering a more accountable and prosperous food economy.


Beth Robertson-Martin


Co-Founder & CEO

Beth leverages a decade in food supply chain expertise. She enhanced sustainability at General Mills with brands like Annie’s, and founded SHINE Sourcing to innovate in food sourcing. As co-founder and CEO at Merge Impact, she passionately connects brands with regenerative supply chains, advancing sustainability. Additionally, as president of the Xerces Society Board, she actively supports invertebrate conservation.

Ben Adolph


Co-Founder & CIO

Ben is a dedicated environmentalist championing regenerative farming. Raised on an Illinois farm, his expertise spans agronomy and sustainability, focusing on plant nutrition and data analytics. Adolph’s vision for a sustainable, transparent food system led to co-founding Merge, where he’s redefining agricultural practices, empowering farmers, and transforming food production for a healthier planet and future generations.

Jon Phillips


Head of Product

With over a decade of Agtech and GIS experience. Jon’s expertise in gathering, verifying and analyzing agricultural data is complemented by his degree in Environmental Science and Restoration Ecology at the University of Illinois. Jonathon bridges technology with his passion for ecological preservation by enriching growers with practical insights for sustainable practices that not only benefit their bottom line but also contribute to the health of the environment.

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