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Organic Integrity

$142 million in organic fraud over the past decade

Carbon Neutral Claims

Carbon offset markets can be riddled with calculation errors and fraud leading to billions in loss and over-dependence on fake solutions to climate change

Food Security

Continuing destructive soil practices in agriculture would mean we would have to convert 70% of the earth’s surface into agriculture to feed everyone by 2050

*Sustainable Systems Program, Rothamsted Research

Planet Resilience

Food Production is responsible for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions and the pace of change needs to triple by 2030 for us to have any chance

*Sustainable Markets Initiative, 2022


We provide granular data that helps quantify and track regenerative investment

Dynamic Client Services

Merge connects sustainability data across categories
Need a report on a parcel? Our land analytics provide guidance on EBNC value of farmland, proximity to markets, trends, network operators.
Connect your own services or connect to Merge for immediate feedback, forecasting, practice change analytics (Rotations & rates).
Accounting, reporting, asset creation, market access, analytics. Data directly from farms/ranches/supply chains.
The only biodiversity index available to row crop/field crop producers. BEE provides scalable biodiversity MMRV tools connected to our index.
Choose from default water quality protocols or work with Merge to create your own. Edge-of-field, streamflow, habitat, well, municipal.
Merge nutrient tools provide unmatched nutritional quality data. Learn how farm systems impact food values and human health.
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