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Earth Impact Soil Protocol (EISP)

EISP is a new standard for measuring, tracking, and validating soil based ecosystem outcomes in regenerative agriculture. Using EISP, supply chains can participate in a critical initiative to preserve Earth’s soil and sustainability. Soil is a vital component of our ecosystem and is directly responsible for providing ecosystem outcomes and human nutrition sufficiency. By clearly defining and aligning a standard for achieving transparent soil measurement and verification of impact, EISP aims to better define what positive climate impact means to the food and agriculture industry.


Simply put, blockchain does not enhance transparency – it enhances the validity and integrity of transparency data by de-centralizing data storage and removing the likelihood of creating data silos – a situation where data is buried in a mess of other ag data and generates little to know value within the supply chain. For the EISP, blockchain is used to ensure the origin and validity of soil outcome data, ensuring that stakeholders have access to high integrity, accurate information about the products they purchase or produce.


Merge and EarthOptics see an opportunity to advance regenerative agriculture impacts by developing a standard soil measurement and mapping protocol to be used by farmers, producers, retailers, government agencies, certifiers, and consumers in the pursuit of regenerative claim verification.


Merge Impact and EarthOptics have developed four protocols:

  • Grassland Verification
  • Basic Row/Field Crop Verification
  • Specialty Row/Field Crop Verification
  • Permanent Crop Verification

By utilizing specific verification protocols, stakeholders can step away from generalized production standards and into a verified soil measurement standard for achieving positive climate outcomes.


Farmers, ranchers, producers, & certifiers can utilize the data from EISP to better understand field-level measurements and their impact on production, production’s impact on soil quality/health, and the potential impact of changes they would incorporate.


Carbon claim verification, ECO credit insetting, and compliance to emissions commitments are all possible with one data set from the EISP. Brands, retailers, agencies, and consumers alike are provided with a comprehensive and basic soil standard that ensures credibility of soil carbon outcomes and any additionally requested ecosystems needs.

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