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5 Ways You Can Support Farmers (Besides Shopping at Farmer’s Markets!)

In August, we celebrate National Farmer’s Market Week, a holiday proclaimed by United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Search data shows consumers also love this topic, with the phrase “farm market near me” ranking extremely high on the scale. There are almost 9,000 markets across the country, and more frequently, grocery stores are carrying […]

Top Five Benefits Farmers Get from Working with Merge Impact

Today, 28% of farmers are implementing practices to reduce their operation’s carbon footprint, and 17% are evaluating their options. While many farmers know about sustainable farming practices, holistic adoption across practices is less than 50 percent. (source here). This is unfortunate, because efforts from farmers could lead to higher levels of soil health, nutrient density […]

Why Supporting Pollinator-Friendly Companies Nurtures a Sustainable Ecosystem

Bees and other pollinators are integral to a sustainable ecosystem, and they need all the help they can get: one recent study from Bee Informed showed that over the course of a year (April 1, 2021-April 1 2022), beekeepers in the United States lost an estimated 39%  of their managed honey bee colonies. Since bee […]

Pollinator Week and Merge Impact’s New Biodiversity Protocol

At Merge Impact, we use a variety of indicators to assess environmental footprint. Empowered by EISP, MINT, and a myriad of soil health measurements, consumers, farmers and companies can lead the way toward a climate-positive food future. Another key indicator of agricultural sustainability is the health of our pollinators – essential players at the core […]

Simpls Q&A

When you founded Simpls, what did you see as something lacking in the meal delivery space? How does Simpls seek to correct that?  Our motto at Simpls is “convenience without compromise.” It’s our core value and why we started the company. When you’re short on time you shouldn’t have to throw away your values. For […]

How to Deliver Accountability in Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Regenerative agriculture has been a common practice for time immemorial in Indigenous cultures, and at long last, Western agriculture has embraced the benefits of an Indigenous approach to farming practices. While the term regenerative agriculture has been circulating in Western agriculture since the 1980s, in the past four decades, how to measure accurate results in […]

EarthOptics and Merge Impact Are Revolutionizing Agricultural Data Collection Methods With New Partnership

Measuring and verifying agricultural data collection methods is increasingly important and powerful to farmers and food brands alike. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership agreement with EarthOptics, an industry-leading soil data measurement and mapping company. At Merge Impact, we pride ourselves on establishing the first and only agricultural measurement and data solution […]

Tracking Carbon Emissions at Expo West With Project Better Offset

March 8-11, Beth Robertson-Martin and Ben Adolph, co-founders of Merge Impact, traveled to Expo West — all the while tracking carbon emissions as part of a new initiative they developed for the show called Project Better Offset. Expo West is the leading trade show in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry, so tracking carbon […]

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