Powering a Climate-Positive Future

The food system generates 35% of global emissions

Merge has a solution

At Merge, we leverage the power of data to create a radically transparent and verified global food system that nourishes the Earth, farmers, communities and human health. In doing so we are helping consumers, farmers and companies collaborate to shape the future of regenerative agriculture.

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Accelerating a climate-positive food future

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Radically increasing supply chain transparency

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Streamlined and credible claims verification

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Affordable and low/no-touch solutions to monetize verified positive agriculture outcomes

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Providing brands with the data they need to make meaningful progress toward their climate goals

We recognize that business functions can have different objectives

Corporate Sustainability

Every major CPG and Beverage brand has corporate sustainability goals and a challenging path to achieve those goals.

Merge’s solution aligns with Scope 3 requirements at the farm level and can address all tenets of existing regenerative requirements.

Brand Managers

Effective and consistent brand management requires compelling stories to connect with consumers.

The Merge solution provides traceability to the farm along with data insights, meaningful narratives, and captivating photography that better connects consumers to their food.

Sourcing Buyers

The sourcing team is responsible for cost management, supply guarantee, and sustainability commitments.

Merge makes it easy, at low cost, to track ingredient compliance for sustainability and labeling and can provide risk forecasts to mitigate supply shortages.

Meet The Team
Ben Adolph

Ben Adolph

Co-founder and CEO

Beth Robertson-Martin

Beth Robertson-Martin

Co-founder and VP of Partner Development

Jon Phillips

Jonathon Phillips

Product Manager

Soil regeneration, yield and nutrition are measurable. Farming impact should be, too.

See how we're making an impact

“Merge Impact is enabling us to bring maximum transparency to our customers about the health, climate and ecosystem impact they make with every bite of our food.”

Ryan Rosenthal, Co-CEO, Simpls

“Merge Impact is a one-stop partner for EVEA Farm Management, helping us implement regenerative organic practices, measure and document our impact and then marketing this value to food companies and consumers. The traceability tools make it clear to everyone in our supply chain that we are farming in ways that are better for both the food supply and the planet and that this success is embodied in the crop that they are putting into the hands of the consumer.”

Tony Michaels, CEO, EVEA Farm Management

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